Meet the people behind the foundation

‘Discover and be yourself, love who you want and express yourself the way you feel comfortable, we will always love you, now and later.'

Floris Dorgelo

Founder of Natural Foundation & Author of Storkie

floris dorgelo one of the founders of the natural foundation

Founding story

“My coming out in 2012 has not been an easy time. No one in my family had come out before. I was a member of a student association with a dominant straight norm.

Around 2019 I thought: I am feeling good about myself now, I want to do something to help other people who are struggling with their sexuality.

Then I thought, wait a minute: where are all forms of sexuality normal? That is: in the animal kingdom!

Children love animals. And animals love each other in many different ways. That is completely natural and normal. That freedom should also be the norm for people. That's what we with the Natural Foundation want to convey.”

Meet the team

Our Natural Team

Image of Floris Dorgelo

Floris Dorgelo


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Clara Tilanus

Board Member

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Abel Koentjes

Board Member

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Gijs Stork

Board Member

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Jeroen van Kampen

Team Member

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Kelly Breemer

Team Member

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Otto Scholten

Team Member

Our advisory board

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Rewan Jansen


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Jonah Lamers


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Edward van de Vendel


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Oscar Ibsen